“May Have Become a Lesbian” Is Super Weird Phrasing

Me: Oh my god. Are Thelma and Louise gay? They’re totally gay. Or, like, queer, because sexuality is a spectrum and attraction is complicated and Brad Pitt is Brad Pitt but I’m pretty sure they’re in love.

Also me: God, Helen, why can’t you just let it be a story about female friendship and powerful women? Every time there are close female friends in movies or TV everyone immediately assumes that they’re gay and that’s fucked up because it assumes that women can’t have close platonic friendships and also fetishizes queer women and you shouldn’t make assumptions or label anyone because what does it matter?

First me: Um it MATTERS because representation is important and having women who don’t conform to heteronormative standards of attraction in a movie in 1991 is a huge step towards breaking down binary conceptions of sexuality.

Other me: I just think it’s not fair to assign sexuality labels to people who haven’t identified publicly or make assumptions, and characters kind of don’t count but it’s still good practice to just be open-minded and accept without judgement any way that a person chooses to be or present or love.

Steve Harvey: Let’s see what the audience had to say about it.


First me again, smugly: And you can’t argue with Susan Sarandon. It’s just not done.

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