We Had a Lot of Fun, We Had a Lot of Money

I’m not a romantic, but Obvious Child (2014) is the kind of rom com that makes me wish I was. Some poop humor, some wine, and an abortion on Valentine’s Day? I think I’m going to swoon.

Written and directed by Gillian Robespierre (and based on her earlier short film of the same name), Obvious Child is a story about abortion that is not ~about abortion~. Which I love. Abortion access is important for people whose pregnancies are results of rape or incest, for people who don’t have the means to raise a safe or healthy child, and for people who are pregnant and just don’t want a baby right now. It’s not a big deal. And this movie doesn’t make it one.

Jenny Slate’s character (yeah, this movie has Jenny Slate in it. Are you sold yet?) gets pregnant after getting dumped and losing her job and really, more than anything, this is just a movie about a really tough time in a person’s life and how she gets through it with family and friends and humor and, again, wine. Abortion or not, she is all of us in orange crocs.

I’m not here to tell anyone what to think about abortion. It’s a personal choice–one that some take very seriously, and some don’t. But I am here to say that everyone deserves to make that choice for themselves. And I am here to say that that choice defines you no more or less than every other little detail that adds up to your life; your poop jokes or your failures or your favorite pasta sauce. Anyway. It’s a good movie.


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