Baby Come Back


I have been waiting patiently for  Playing House to come back. Its long hiatus makes me worried that even though I heard ages ago that it was renewed for a third season, it has in fact been cancelled. Well rejoice! I just read an article about an interview with Keegan-Michael Key that took place on the set of the filming of the third season of Playing House. EEEEEEE!!!!

If you’ve never seen it, Playing House is a lovely sitcom created by real life best friends and comedic partners, Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair. The series opens with Emma (St. Clair) returning home for her best friend Maggie’s (Parham) baby shower. While she is there, Maggie discovers that her husband Bruce has been having an online affair and they decide to get a divorce. Emma quits her high power job in China to move in and help Maggie raise her baby. It’s a beautiful, hilarious, wonderful show, with a positive view of female friendship- something that is hard to find in a lot of other TV shows and movies.

And now it’s coming back! Binge watch the first two seasons in preparation. And if you can’t get enough of St. Clair and Parham, check out their podcast Womp It Up!a spin-off of the Earwolf podcast Comedy Bang Bang. They are such lovable weirdos.


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